Kristen Maria Fields

krisenfieldsheadshot copy.jpg

Utilizing the art of play, imagination, and a knack for physical comedy, Kristen loves honing in on the spark of each character she portrays—from the tenacious and anything but doe-eyed heroines of Natalie and Belle to the comedic fresh air of Kitty, Penny, and Roz.

Kristen has trained in Ballet, Contemporary, and Modern Dance. She has worked with voice coaches in traditional and contemporary vocal styles. She loves showing off her “smoker grandma” impression, any of her various sports background (soccer, tennis, swimming). She has miraculously maintained the ability to cartwheel and is fluent in How I Met Your Mother re-runs.

Kristen is your typical third generation American-Latina, in that she has all the spice and none of the language. But she holds deeply to her roots and hopes to play more characters who are both traditionally and non-traditionally cast Latina.

Kristen currently resides with her musician husband, Austin, and her little gray cat, Orville in Nashville, TN.


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